Startup Moldova Summit 2021: The most important event dedicated to startups and innovations in the country returns in a new format

The community of startups, ecosystem leaders, entrepreneurs, experts and investors will participate in Startup Moldova Summit 2021, on December 9 — an event dedicated to all those interested in innovative ideas for the development of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the Republic of Moldova.
Participants will have the opportunity to know details behind the scenes of the ecosystem, about potential sources of funding, acceleration programs, launching initiatives, will benefit from the exchange of experience, communication sessions and dialogue with all those involved in developing entrepreneurship at the national level. Startup Moldova Summit 2021 is organized by “Startup Moldova”, with the support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and Sweden, within the Tekwill project, implemented by the National Association of ICT Companies (ATIC).

Ana Chirița, Director of Strategic Projects, ATIC: “Startup Moldova Summit 2021 represents the connection of all actors in the startup ecosystem, offering them a platform for communication, interaction, exchange of experience and resources, in order to expand their business and become as competitive as possible, including internationally. To develop the technology-based economy, we will continue to invest in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, which has much-untapped potential, which is why we will continue to create opportunities, dedicated programs to stimulate local business based on technology and innovation. ”

Startup Moldova Summit 2021 will connect online entrepreneurs and startups from Cahul, Comrat, Bălți — regions that benefit from business development opportunities based on information technologies. Guests from abroad with experience in developing innovative business ideas will come to the participants with success stories, successes and challenges they have overcome on their way to success.

The Startup Moldova Summit 2021 agenda will include:

  • topics related to understanding the startup ecosystem
  • global and local market trends
  • the community of those who develop innovative ideas
  • models of collaboration between the public and the private sector
  • local startups
  • who are the leaders of the startup ecosystem
  • growth and support programs for entrepreneurs
  • the evolution and successes of the Cahul, Bălți and Comrat regions
  • digital solutions in the fields of: AgTech, HealthTech, Fintech, PowerTech and others

Startup Moldova Summit 2021 will take place on December 9, in hybrid format, with a live connection directly from the regions of Cahul, Comrat, Balti and Chisinau!

Are you interested in the development of the entrepreneurial system in the Republic of Moldova?

Join the Summit, subscribe to the event!




Startup Moldova is the ecosystem that boosts economic growth in Moldova by providing employment through innovation and by increasing the use of ICT and digital

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Startup Moldova

Startup Moldova

Startup Moldova is the ecosystem that boosts economic growth in Moldova by providing employment through innovation and by increasing the use of ICT and digital

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