StartuMoldova Startup Summit 2021 — trends and opportunities for Moldovan startups

Founders of startups, leaders in the field, partners, international experts and investors participated in the “Moldova Startup Summit 2021” — an excellent platform for creating experiences full of opportunities for entrepreneurs who think innovatively in Moldova. For the first time, the current edition connected online startups from Cahul, Comrat and Bălți — regions of the country that benefit from business development opportunities based on innovative tools in information technologies. Participants shared their experience, challenges and how to accelerate a regional business in order to obtain financial support from investors. The event was organized within the “Startup Moldova” program of TEKWILL — the project recognized for its know-how — brought to the creation of an ecosystem favourable to tech entrepreneurship in our country, which assisted over 1,300 teams and startups, through 708 initiatives. “Moldova Startup Summit 2021” was held with the support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and Sweden.

Scott Hocklander, Head of USAID Moldova Mission: “USAID is proud to support Moldova Startup Summit 2021, which will enhance Moldova’s thrilling IT ecosystem, help participants learn about potential sources of funding, and launch new initiatives. With the support of Tekwill and funding from USAID and Sweden, Moldovan startups have established international partnerships and created professional networks that have attracted more than $ 14 million in funding. USAID is committed to helping Moldova explore the growing ICT sector and the latest technologies to create new educational and economic opportunities for young people and businesses, improve the provision of services to Moldovan citizens, and increase transparency. ”

Adam Amberg, Head of Development Cooperation, Swedish Embassy: “USAID, in partnership with Sweden, has supported the Moldovan IT industry in recent years on its path to becoming a promising and active sector, as we see it today. From the point of view of Swedish cooperation and partnership for reforms, we welcome creativity and inventiveness to continue Moldova’s sustainable development — with a special focus on the inclusive and circular economy. As some of you know, many inventions have their origins in Sweden. Inventions that we can use every day without really realizing their value. Three-point seat belt, Bluetooth and Spotify — these are just a few. I see Moldovan startups and entrepreneurs with the ability to bring innovation into everyday life, and Tekwill is a key facilitator in this path — one that I hope will embrace and stimulate creativity. ”

Moldova Startup Summit 2021 News

Moldova Startup Summit set the tone for global trends in innovation-based entrepreneurship and connected experts, mentors, managers, international partners, enthusiasts and startup founders to the same community.

Sergiu Gaibu, Minister of Economy, Moldova: “We, as a country, now have all the conditions to prosper in this field. We look forward to those inventors and entrepreneurs applying to the available software. We need new opportunities for the business environment and to digitize the fields of agriculture or medicine as well. We, as a country, have all the preconditions to launch and develop innovative and digital businesses. We have good platforms in this regard, which offer advantageous opportunities for both local and international entrepreneurs. The Ministry of Economy aims to develop the digital research and innovation ecosystem, support the creation of digital products and services and stimulate the inclusion of the Republic of Moldova in the international value chains of the digital economy ”.

Ana Chirița, Director of Strategic Projects, ATIC: “Startup Moldova Summit is the most important local platform in which all those involved — authorities, profile associations, the private sector, development partners, the international community, etc. — have lined up for a commoin mission, with a strong impact on the future and that can propel us to the top of the local startup ecosystems in the world. This is because the event facilitates the maintenance of a constructive dialogue for the development of the economy based on technology and innovation, the application of international trends and the creation of opportunities for local startups.

  • Interest in the event has spread beyond country borders, and thousands of internet users have been connected online, including from Ireland, Romania, Germany, Poland, Belarus, etc.
  • Thousands of miles away, international experts from other countries have shared their experiences of developing startup ecosystems, as well as strategic investment programs, legal frameworks, or educational projects.
  • The initiatives that wanted to be promoted through the event had the opportunity to record a pitch for the presentation of the startup, through which to request financial support, and the video message was distributed on social networks. This opportunity gave them the chance to become better known to potential investors.
  • The event highlighted local actors and programs that offer various opportunities for local startups such as Technovator, “Startup Moldova” Foundation, Dreamups, Yep Moldova, XY Accelerator.

“Startup Moldova” Foundation — we grow ideas that change the world!

Among the initiatives that offer a range of opportunities for local startups is the “Startup Moldova” Foundation. Founded in 2021, the organization is committed to boosting collaboration in the IT business community, encouraging investment, education and mentoring, and creating funding opportunities for local startups. The need to create the foundation arose from the challenges and needs identified in the field of ICT: lack of qualified employees, superficial knowledge of the regulatory environment and legal framework, limited access to funding and expertise to develop ideas, the need for mentoring and training, etc. The “Startup Moldova” Foundation is an independent entity that will support the development of innovative companies — startups in the ICT sector, by providing services and consulting. It will also improve the skill level of specialists by promoting digital skills growth programs and boosting collaboration within the industry business community, encouraging investment, raising funds and providing funding for innovation and business-based development projects in ICT.

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Startup Moldova is the ecosystem that boosts economic growth in Moldova by providing employment through innovation and by increasing the use of ICT and digital

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Startup Moldova

Startup Moldova

Startup Moldova is the ecosystem that boosts economic growth in Moldova by providing employment through innovation and by increasing the use of ICT and digital

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