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3 min readMay 19, 2022


We are in the era of the fastest digital development so far and, especially in this activity, quality education is a priority if you want to be in line with the world around you. EdTech startups are booming globally, and in Moldova, one of the vertical’s representations is Troodon. In this article, we get to know the team and their product!

Troodon is an online educational platform designed to disrupt traditional educational methods. It is built around the Tree of Knowledge, a new system that structures information around specific skills, forming interest-based communities and an internal economy to enable self-development and ecosystem sustainability.

Startup Moldova: The development of EdTech is growing. What makes Troodon special compared to other existing apps?

Troodon: Our platform is self-developing and maintained by a collaborative community of mentors and students. The courses are created by mentors and verified, appreciated by students who go through the available online lessons, and obtain certificates and diplomas in a variety of disciplines.

An important difference between us and other startups is that the solution we bring is a Web3-based platform, designed around communities of people with the same interests, who will seek and create high-quality courses. Our new encyclopedia-like course format allows for involvement through gamification, competitive knowledge duels Player VS Player (PvP), and character customization with a strong economy of marketable items. The application is free, and no one will ever have to pay for learning.

Startup Moldova: Where did the idea for this startup come from, and from what necessity?

Troodon: The problem that Troodon is going to solve is the lack of constant and effective communication between students and teachers, demotivation of students and low involvement in university activities and programs, increased cost of education, very low creativity and individuality, lack of financial education in schools and other niche issues.

In this way, our platform is aimed at both students and teachers, as well as investors.

Startup Moldova: The idea is constructive and clear, but you have certainly encountered obstacles. What were they?

Troodon: The difficulty of formulating and describing the idea for people’s understanding, but also the difficulties that all startups face at the beginning: the lack of people who believe in the idea, the lack of team members and investors.

So far, we have not been able to attract investors, especially because of complicated regulations related to monetization.

Startup Moldova: You said about the lack of members, so we understand that it is a small team. Who’s behind Troodon?

Troodon: As many of us know, we are 2 brothers: Alexandru and Dan Danilescu. We managed to delegate the positions within the startup, so Alex, myself, I am the CEO and UX developer, and Dan is the CTO and IOS developer.

Startup Moldova: Before we wish you final good luck, tell us what your plans are for the future?

Troodon: We are organizing a Web3 hackathon, where we will test our educational model. We are recruiting new team members with different specializations. We sell various NFT collections to raise funds and provide benefits to early investors. We are working to promote the website where we invite the first users of our Discord. We scale the number of communities/mentors/courses and students.

This year we also plan the official launch of the platform and the organization of Web3-based courses. We have very ambitious plans for the near future, and we invite you to keep an eye on our pages to see how you can participate.

Startup Moldova: Congratulations, Alexandru and Dan, for the beautiful initiative and we assure you that the entire Startup Moldova community has their fingers crossed for the success of Troodon!

Dear readers, we invite you to get to know Troodon closely on the official website:! We remind you that the series of articles #CunoasteComunitatea aims to highlight Moldovan startups and create connections between entrepreneurs in the country!



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